Dave Lea Feature 2013 Part 2

Feature by De-ann Black. 2013


Kicks, Splits and Abs

Here are video clips of Dave past and present. In one of the clips you’ll see how he started to retrain his knee after the operation. Then a clip of the improvement in his kicks. Photographs feature his improved flexibility. He’s clearly in great shape. Another clip demonstrates an exercise for his abs he practised recently.

Dave stretchDave in Malaysia during the early years.

AouuchA more recent pic in Hollywood.

STRETCH 001 copy DSC02342 (2)Dave getting back to full stretch in Hollywood after the knee injury

SPLLIT ME 2 001 aouch

Dave past and present.

BAG SHOT 002Dave in one of his London martial arts schools.


DAN INOSANTO 002Dave with Dan Inosanto


image029Dave now.

In this first clip Dave is beginning to retrain his knee after the injury.

In the second clip his kicking ability and strength has greatly improved.

image030 image031 image032

Dave Lea