Dave Lea and Peter MacDonald

Watch what happened when Dave Lea crashed the restaurant where the legendary second unit director, Peter MacDonald, was sitting having a quiet dinner with no disturbances, interruptions – and was definitely not in the mood for a guy like Dave Lea to try and audition for the role of Batman. Again!

This is what happened…

Batman Now – Starring Dave Lea

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Lishi seminar (Pimlico) Dec-2015

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Fallen Cards

Fallen Cards is an episodic, futuristic Mad Max type TV series.

Watch out Mad Max - there's a new warrior in the desert.

Dave came on the show as the stunt/fight coordinator, and again got asked to step up and do a fight with the lead. Not one to turn down a good beating, he then got asked to play the lead villain going around plundering, killing and stealing whatever he wants only to be faced with the lead hero, Thomas, on the final showdown. Along with amazing locations, this series had huge dune buggies on steroids and some serious action. Dave will also be immortalized in the comic book of Fallen Cards with his Character BroZnan.


Batman is back

While in London, Dave got to shoot a commercial that included a very expensive car and a well known super hero that he is quite familiar with.

Sunday in London

Wing Chun Bat Warm up the Bat engine before going for a spin (Wait till they get a load of me!) Snake Bat

Still in full costume, he went shopping bat style.

Bat going clubbing Time for a latte Had to have the bag.


Armand Assante


Dave with amazing actor of Mambo Kings, Judge Dredd, Paradise Alley, American Gangster and numerous other movies – Armand Assante.

Dave requested him to play the lead role in one of the movies he is doing.

Dave choreographed a dance from the movie Mambo Kings, co-starring Antonio Banderas, from the song Maria Of My Soul.

Said Dave: ‘I showed the routine to Armand who gave me 10/10 – and that was before I told him about the lead role, or was it the same conversation?’

Meeting dance choreographer Kenny Ortega

Dave met with famed dance choreographer and the man who was with Michael Jackson the night before he passed – Kenny Ortega. Kenny was the choreographer and director for Michael Jackson on his comeback show.

Kenny Ortega (Michael Jackson Dance Choreographer Director)

‘Being an avid dancer, it was a pleasure to meet Mr. Ortega and discuss dance moves with him,’ said Dave.


Enter the Fist and the Golden Fleecing

Dave was called by his long time stunt friend, Pete Antico, to do a fight in a movie called Enter the Fist and the Golden Fleecing.
The fun part was the comedy of his fight. He was told to play an 80s karate guy with all the over the top moves.
Said Dave: ‘I was asked to make all the crazy karate screams and shouts, lots of hand moves and blocks even before I got kicked in the head. Remember the early kung-fu movie stuff where they would do about twenty moves before the fight? It was like that. I loved it. Also the whole cast were 80s martial art movie people, all called in to do cameos which made it even better. It’s a very funny spoof of the 80s style martial arts movies.’

Emperor of the Free World

Said Dave: ‘Emperor of the Free World is about drug cartels – with a new, unusual drug lord taking over. I was called in to stunt/fight coordinate the movie, and as usual, play the lead assassin and take a beating off the hero. They had some very good actors from the Actors Studio who were up for the fights without using stunt doubles.’

No End

No End is a smaller version of The Fast and the Furious.
This is in pre-production.
More details later.

MAI Magazine Feature

Read about Dave Lea in the June 2014 issue of Martial Arts Illustrated magazine (due out May 15). Dave is featured on the front cover and gives an interview in the magazine about his work in the stunt industry in Hollywood.

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