Star Quotes

Sylvester Stallone – Tango & Cash, Demolition Man, Get Carter

“Dave is a total master at his profession and a true gentleman.”



 sandra_bullock Sandra Bullock – Demolition Man

“Dave Lea’s expertise was invaluable to me. His knowledge of teaching and martial arts helped to make me look really good.”


Colin Farrell – DAREDEVIL

“Dave Lea, a true gentleman, a physical inspiration and someone motivated enough to get a lazy bastard like me out of bed.

P.S. Ben Affleck never looked so good!”



 ben affleck Ben Affleck – DAREDEVIL

“Thanks Dave, you did an excellent job with the fight training and the choreography and the physical training on Daredevil. I couldn’t have done it without you. You were tireless and showed up every day, worked very hard, helped me enormously. I can’t tell you how I appreciate it, it will be an honor to work with you in the future and you’re the best there is and I thank you.”


Michelle Pfeiffer

“Dave was a tremendous help to me in BATMAN RETURNS with his creative fight choreography.”



 tim-burton Tim Burton, Director – BATMAN & BATMAN RETURNS

“Dave combines technical expertise and a good rapport with actors to provide the kind of training that is essential to the complicated sequences that we have.”


Michael Keaton

“David Lea’s contribution on BATMAN and BATMAN RETURNS are inestimable. Especially on BATMAN RETURNS, where he functioned much more as a fight choreographer.”



 gary_foster Gary Foster, Producer – DAREDEVIL

“Dave Lea’s choreography and fitness training were integral to Daredevil. Not only did he get the actors into shape, he found time to help the Producer too!”


Mark Steven Johnson, Director – DAREDEVIL

“Dave Lea was instrumental to the evolution of Daredevil. He was completely dedicated to getting the actors into the best shape of their lives.”



 ashley_judd Ashley Judd – Kiss The Girls

“Dave Lea kicked my ass and I loved every minute of it. Even under exhausting working conditions I woke up early on my own because I couldn’t wait to fight. I have never been fitter, leaner, and prouder in my entire life! Dave is a master leader and a masterful inspirer. His discipline is firm, impeccable, always appropriate, and tougher than nails. One time we worked out in my trailer at lunch — I had on my nightgown — anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Dave Lea takes your body, mind, and spirit where you never dreamed you could go. He is a hero and the best trainer in the world.”


Charles Picerni – Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Director

“Dave’s teaching skills, fight choreography and fighting ability in the movies are highly recognized by myself and the stunt industry.”



 eric-mabius Eric Mabius – The Crow 3 “Salvation”, Cruel Intentions, Dolls House

“Dave Lea’s ability as a fight choreographer and martial artist is surpassed only by his patience. Without the benefit of his tenacity and dedicated presence, my characterization could never have been complete. Dave has a firm grasp of the actor’s process, allowing him to effectively and expertly aid in translating scripted material, that is, the written word becomes explosive fight sequences. He is able to work with even the most inexperienced action actors by illuminating their strength and instilling confidence in them.”