London 2015

Last December (2015) Dave landed in London for a short break (Christmas). He loves the Los Angeles sunshine, but he also loves being home with his family and friends. The word went out on social media/word of mouth. He was called upon to do a stunt/fight seminar Hollywood style. It was hard to say no based on his passion and love for sharing his skills, so Dave agreed.

Lishi seminar (Pimlico) Dec-2015

Alex Boyd of ‘Lishi’ style called on his services, and also his usual (suspects) all turned up to be tested by one of their own.

This is how to do it.

The Lishi seminar was very interesting based on their style of martial arts taught by Alex. They took a slow style – that of Tai Chi and put some electricity action into it. The students were engaged in some exciting choreography.

Everybody was Kung-fu something that day. Dec 2015

The other Seminar was held in London’s Knightsbridge area where Dave ramped up the action. ‘I had guys spinning, flipping and tricking,’ said Dave.

Dave also taught a ‘Master Class’ to Steve and Claire. They had requested Dave to teach them some serious bat moves. Steve and Claire do charity work and other appearances as Bat and Cat, so they called on Dave to teach them.

Dave commented: ‘It was so much fun taking this beautiful couple into a world they have never been or expected to go, and let them share how it was.’